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AVAILABILITY: Opportunities for teacher training can include one or two weeks in mid-July and early October each year, as well as the semester break around Christmas. There are also needs for trainers for 3-10 day periods throughout the year as scheduled by our overseas school clients. Please indicate below which availability fits your situation. Your selection can be modified at any time. This process allows you advance notice to get approvals or cover current campus or work responsibilities.
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FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS: Most of our clients will take care of your housing, food and other local expenses in the host country, including some local touring. Some can provide coverage for all expenses including international travel. A few can even provide an honorarium. However, many clients ask you to raise the funds to cover all (or part) of your international travel. Please indicate below which arrangements fit your situation:*

EDUCATIONAL EXPERTISE: Help us get to know your educational background, expertise and interests so we can better match you up with opportunities for teacher and administrator training. There are many areas we did not ask about, so if you have interests and expertise we did not ask about, please list them in “Additional Notes and Comments”:*





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